Performance Vision

Sports and Performance

Performance vision training is a parallel to vision therapy. It can improve enjoyment for anyone from clumsy children to professional athletes to the elderly with an understandable fear of falling. The tools and technologies of our profession provide measurable gains in skills such as dynamic visual acuity, balance/proprioception, eye-hand coordination, reaction time, depth perception, and peripheral awareness. Vision is a primary aspect in sports, and improving such skills can both reduce the risk of sports-related injuries as well as define the Elite Athlete.

Exclusive services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

We begin with a thorough discussion about both your ocular health as well as your overall systemic health – did you know that some of the earliest signs of diabetes can actually be first detected in the eye?

Ocular Health

To dilate or not to dilate?
Dr. Jesse always recommends (but cannot require) dilation for all of our patients – regardless of symptoms or lack thereof.

Retinal Imaging

Dr. Jesse also utilizes state of the art retinal imaging that takes less than 45 seconds in total for the entire process to be completed! These images can better evaluate the risk for developing macular degeneration