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Comprehensive Eye Exam

We begin with a thorough discussion about both your ocular health as well as your overall systemic health – did you know that some of the earliest signs of diabetes can actually be first detected in the eye?

Ocular Health

To dilate or not to dilate?
Dr. Jesse always recommends (but cannot require) dilation for all of our patients – regardless of symptoms or lack thereof.

Retinal Imaging

Dr. Jesse also utilizes state of the art retinal imaging that takes less than 45 seconds in total for the entire process to be completed! These images can better evaluate the risk for developing macular degeneration

Sports and Performance

Performance vision training is a parallel to vision therapy. It can improve enjoyment for anyone from clumsy children to professional athletes to the elderly with an understandable fear of falling.

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What People are Saying


I’m so happy I found Dr. Camen. She is very detailed oriented and spent over an hour with me running different tests. Of course, she figured the root of the problem and got me the right prescription glasses. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Dr. Camen!

Sasha Khachiyan

Highly Recommended.

Good people who genuinely seem to care. Dave the owner, without any prompting by me, offered and subsequently cleaned my glasses. Dr. Camen really took quality time to understand my challenges and needs. She did some solid research and came back with a very doable solution that I was told at another place didn’t exist.

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Doug Cyphers

Flawless service.

Wow! This place is a gem. Dr Camen is excellent, thorough, kind; a real delight. David offers a great selection of frames, more akin to a NYC or Paris boutique, and he has an incredible eye. Everything he suggested looked great, and he listened to what I wanted while steering me to something fabulous. Delighted!

Stephanie Kelly

A Great Find.

Great experience, beautiful office & fantastic support by Dr. Jesse. I went to her for a contact exam / fitting and it was a simple yet informative process. I struggled with contacts in the past so she went above and beyond to answer all my questions and make sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend!

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Donny Michel

Our Goal: Happiest Vision

Our greatest goal here at Camen Eye Care is that all of our customers leave our offices happy. We offer end-to-end services that showcase that goal by making you the center of all of our attention. We operate in an open and honest way to help make all of our customers happy. We try to look at all of our customers as a part of our family, and we hope that, after trying our services, Camen Eye Care will be your first choice for an eye doctor San Diego.
We here at Camen Eye Care realize that no two eyes are identical, not even on the same person. This fact has encouraged us to offer individualized eye exams to get everyone the results they envision when they think of “perfect vision.” It is tempting to figure out where a person sees 20/20 and fit them with glasses or contact lenses for that prescription, but there is usually a lot more to good eyesight.

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