Here at the office of Jesse A. Camen, O.D., we are pleased to offer many types of contact lenses. Dr. Jesse will take all steps necessary as to ensure the perfect fit with optimal vision.

Contact lens examinations are not typically a part of a routine eye exams and require additional procedures and measurements; along with additional associated examination fees. The law dictates that contact lens prescriptions expire after (one) year and that they require a comprehensive eye exam PLUS contact lens examination also every year. Contact lenses are after all, medical devices and need to be treated with the respect and responsibility that they deserve.

Nowadays, the contact lens technology available is truly amazing. From simple spherical fittings to toric lenses for astigmatism correction to complex multi-focals, we have it all here at Camen Eyecare. Deriving from your spectacle correction, Dr. Jesse A. Camen will select and explain your options to decide the best type of lenses/vision correction for your eyes. Together you will decide what is your optimal goal and set realistic expectations. Dr. Camen will get you seeing clearly and comfortable in no time and you will typically leave the office with diagnostic lenses to “try out” in the real world.

If you want contacts or have any questions about getting them fit properly, don’t hesitate to Contact us today at (858) 291-8211.