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Many people think 20/20 vision is as good as it gets.  But seeing with 20/20 vision (including use of visual aids like glasses or contacts) just means that you can see clearly in the central part of your vision.  A performance vision eye doctor San Diego can help you excel in sports and activities with visual training to enhance your eye-tracking, depth perception, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination, and reaction times.

Performance vision therapy isn’t just for athletes with vision issues.  Everyone can benefit from improving their visual performance.  As sports become more competitive (as do their scholarship opportunities), it’s vital that athletes aspiring to succeed in their chosen activity stand out amongst their peers with enhanced visual acuity.  Working with a performance vision eye doctor San Diego to improve your visual capabilities will improve your overall performance.

What is Performance Vision Therapy?

Performance vision therapy is a type of vision training that involves a variety of exercises to help strengthen your visual system and ensure it’s working at the highest levels.  These exercises help train your eye muscles to make movements easier and quicker, as well as increase the speed at which you can interpret the visual data your eyes detect.  Using one-on-one training with our professional optometrist, Dr. Jesse Camen, combined with at-home exercises, you can significantly improve your eyesight beyond just seeing clearly.

Whether you need glasses or your eyesight is great on its own, a performance vision eye doctor San Diego can teach you how to strengthen areas of your eyes and improve your reaction time. The goal is to retrain your brain to interpret your visual information with greater ease and accuracy. This will improve your day-to-day capabilities as well as help you excel on the field or on the court.

Your performance vision eye doctor San Diego will formulate a personalized program designed specifically for your needs.  This requires some basic testing to see where you’re starting from, but these tests will be different from the tests you get at your routine eye exams.  The data collected will be analyzed and compared with the results of other athletes in your sport, age group, and even position.  This helps our optometrist customize a plan that fits your unique needs and addresses the areas that will benefit most from improvement.

Our skilled performance vision eye doctor San Diego will also advise you on how to properly care for your eyes, especially while playing sports, to reduce the likelihood of injuries.  In addition to failing to use the proper eyewear, reduced visual acuity can also harm your performance and may affect your safety.  We’ll explain how to protect your eyes and how to augment your visual capabilities to exceed in your sport.

Who Else Can Benefit from Performance Vision Therapy?

While we can tailor our performance vision therapy specifically for athletes, we also offer such therapy for the average individual. Performance vision therapy can enhance the visual acuity of all persons and increase enjoyment of regular activities. The tools and exercises we use can help with balance, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, depth perception, peripheral awareness, visual processing, and so much more.
Elderly folks can meet with a performance vision eye doctor San Diego to help reduce the chance of injury through falls, make it easier to read and see things, and improve their reaction time. The treatment can also help children who appear to be clumsy but may just need to refine their visual-motor skills. Performance vision therapy has been known to help with double vision, lazy eye, and head tilt issues as well as rehabilitation after a stroke or injury and reading difficulties.

If you’re looking to enhance your vision and take your visual processing capabilities to the next level, contact our expert performance vision eye doctor San Diego to discuss your goals and set up an appointment.

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