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Family Optometrist San Diego

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Family Optometrist San Diego

Needing glasses or contacts for the first time can be an intimidating time for children, and even for adults. That is why we here at Camen Eye Care would love to become your family optometrist San Diego. With our personalized eye exams, your family will leave feeling comfortable with their exams, and happy with their frame choices. And since vision issues are often genetic, let us help the entire family while you are here!

Personalized Eye Exams

We here at Camen realize that everyone’s journey to “perfect vision” is not the same. There are different factors, comfort levels, and requests that accompany each of our clients into the exam room. We make it our job to figure out what these factors are and then address them. That makes us the perfect family optometrist San Diego: We make it a personal goal to ensure that every customer leaves happy after a great experience.
Our comprehensive eye exam enables us to determine your ocular health, and it gives us insights into your overall health. We do recommend dilation during our exams, but we do not require it. Dilation will enable us to get a better look at your retina for a more thorough exam. Retinal imaging will also be done during your exam, and that will also help us better search for any warning signs for diseases such as glaucoma.
When your family is done with their eye exams, you will be met by one of our frame selections specialists. This stylist will help each of you choose the perfect frame for you based on physical features, such as your hair and eye color, face shape, and skin tone. Making such a big physical change such as getting glasses can be intimidating. It is our goal to make your entire family happy with their choice and their experience.
It is our goal that every customer leaves our office happy with the care that they received. Our customers are at the core of everything we do here at Camen, and we hope to become your family optometrist San Diego.


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