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Family Optometrist Palm Desert

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Family Optometrist Palm Desert

Have you just discovered that your child is having a hard time seeing in school? Are you or your other family members nervous about getting their first corrective lenses? It is understandable. Getting glasses for the first time can be intimidating and a little bit scary. Here at Camen Eye Care, we understand that this may be a sensitive time, and we would love to be the family optometrist Palm Desert that helps your family through it.

Eye Exams Your Family Will Love

Let’s face it: everyone’s idea of “perfect vision” is not the same thing. There are different requests that each person might have or different comfort levels for each person that needs to be considered. We here at Camen make it our goal to discover ways to put each of our customers at the highest comfort level possible. Eye-related issues are commonly genetic, so we will be more than happy to be the family optometrist Palm Desert for your entire family!
We will start with our comprehensive eye exam, which will give us an idea of the prescription you need, as well as your ocular and overall health. We recommend pupil dilation for every exam, but we cannot require it. While your pupils are dilated, our optometrist will be able to get a better look at your retina. Retinal imaging is also offered during your exam, which will help us search for any warning signs for retinal conditions such as macular degeneration or glaucoma.
After your exam, one of our frame specialists will meet you. These specialists are fantastic at finding the perfect frames for your family. Certain features, such as hair and eye color and skin tone, are taken into consideration when choosing the perfect fresh glasses. Your family will feel so confident in how they look in their new frames that they might actually be excited by the end of your visit.
It is our goal that each customer leaves our office feeling happy and confident (not to mention seeing better than they could when they came in!). Our customers become our family, and we hope to become your family optometrist Palm Desert.


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