The optometrists at Camen Eye Care are the premier experts located at two separate locations near you. We strive to offer you complete eye care solutions while ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the entire process. You will leave your appointment satisfied with your care and happy about the new frames or contacts that you have chosen. With Camen Eye Care as your eye doctor San Diego, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve officially found you and your family’s Eye Care Provider.

Why are Eye Exams Important?

Regular and routine eye exams are one of the most essential steps to good eye health. It is important to preserve eyesight, especially since people are living longer lives these days. There are many benefits to regular eye exams, such as detecting diseases in their early stages. Eye exams can also give us an opportunity to review your overall systemic health. We evaluate the health of both eyes as well as the visual balance and even perform quick but efficient neurological screenings on all our patients.

What We Offer

Our greatest goal here at Camen Eye Care is that our patients leave our offices happy and that their visual needs are heard and met. We offer end-to-end services that showcase that goal by making you the center of our attention. We operate with true transparency and honesty ensuring that all questions are answered and treatment plans are understood. We look at all of our patients as part of our family, and we hope that, after trying our services, Camen Eye Care will be your first choice for an eye doctor San Diego.
We here at Camen Eye Care realize that no two eyes are identical, not even on the same person. This is why we offer individualized eye exams to ensure everyone gets the results that they envision when they think of “perfect vision.” It is tempting to figure out where a person sees 20/20 and just fit them with glasses or contact lenses for that prescription, but there is a lot more to clear and comfortable eyesight. Some might say that there’s even an art to prescribing lenses.
Camen Eye Care can be your San Diego eye doctor, and you can rest easy knowing that your eye care is in safe hands. We offer several services to ensure that our customers leave happy and with the clearest and most comfortable sight possible. Our comprehensive eye exam will give us an overall idea of both the health of just your eyes, as well as your overall systemic health. Pupil dilation is always recommended for all of our patients. It is to ensure that no ocular disease is overlooked. Additionally, we proudly offer retinal imaging as part of your comprehensive eye exam. This process takes less than 45 seconds total, requires no eyedrops or dilation – and the images captured will give us immediate results. Results that help us determine your risk for developing diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. It is recommended that you have retinal imaging done once a year to stay on top of your eye health – much like x-rays at the dentist.
Now for the fun part – Our team are Experts in frame and lens selection! We will help guide you to choosing frames that only look the best on you. You should love the way your frames look, and you should love the way you feel in your frames maybe even more. Glasses not your thing? Great, we only offer the best contact lens with the latest technologies to ensure clear and comfortable vision all day long. We promise that you will not be disappointed with your end-to-end experience by choosing Camen Eye Care as your eye doctor San Diego!

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